5 out of 5

WOW! The reviews are harsh! Had one of these given to our newborn son in 2010 whose since named him Original Buddy. We bought a second in 2011 to leave in the truck which because known as Truck Buddy. Bought a third in 2013 to put away in a childhood box however he found it shortly afterwards and it became Other Buddy. Original Buddy is the favorite and he knows thats the one that matters! It is THE Buddy to sleep, cuddle, cry, pout and play with. Around mid/late-year 2013 the white satin material on its hands and feet started to wear and I’ve had to sew them up repeatedly to the point where they are now gone and its sewn closed. I purchased a fourth one this year as a sacrificial bear to repair the Original by cutting out a few sections to sew in where the white areas were and to re-stuff with the new stuffing while leaving the original stuffing in as well. He was present during surgery watching carefully and helping here and there. Afterward a short recovery period, about 30 minutes 🙂 he went to check on Original Buddy and found he was good as new. The Original Buddy is doing great to this day. Comparing it (2010) to the others bought in 2011, 13 and 14 I see and feel absolutely no difference in materials, quality, stitching or amount of stuffing inside. While Original Buddy gets the brunt of play Truck Buddy is taken everywhere and sees much outside play. All 3 have traveled internationally about a dozen times and are well loved each and every day. We have also purchased the "Kids Preferred Buddy Bear" known as Big Buddy who pretty much stays in his bedroom. Original Buddy remains the favorite. I wouldn’t hesitate to order another if needed or for someone else.

November 29, 2014
5 out of 5

I have always believed that encouragement is one of the most important things we can provide. I am using these to provide some tangible "I care" to some of our Awana Club kids. I am a teacher in a weekly children’s Bible Club (Awana) in a small church. Our chrch program is managed by some of the most amazing people I have ever worked with. They are great with kids, and the kids really love the program in our church. We provide additional "incentive" to the kids through "brag necklaces" where we get cheap "pony" beads and things they can "earn" if they something particularly well. The other teachers tell me all how thrilled the kids are with these things. Some of "our" kids are in Christian schools and they are whizzing through the program and memorizing verses, but unfortunately some of the kids come from not so great backgrounds… some in the second grade and can’t read at all…. some of them are in just almost uncaring environments…..some of these guys could use a little "extra" TLC. What those kids need more than anything else …is unconditional love and encouragement. I bought these specifically with two students in mind. I want to encourage them a little more directly, and give them something a little more tangible, that they can put in their little tote bags, and pull out when they want. These are very cute, and small enough to just hand out as needed. The colors are accurate.

January 23, 2017